Ireland is an intrinsically corrupt state

What we are witnessing as a result of the current constitutional crisis and the reactions/responses of those involved is nothing less than the final unmasking of a fact long asserted on this website – Ireland is an intrinsically corrupt state.

I believe we are now entering end game in this process. There can only be one of two outcomes.

One: The corrupt political/business powers will win out and defeat the people and democracy. If that happens Ireland will become a visible banana republic, there will be the rulers and the ruled.

The institutions of the state, which have been covertly supporting the corrupt for decades, will be openly employed to protect and promote the interests of the corrupt. The people will only be required to do what they have abeen effectively doing for decades – vote in sham elections, pay taxes and keep their mouths shut.


Two: The people will rebel against the corrupt system and take back their democracy. This has already begun with the radicalisation of a significant percentage of the people over the water tax. It is vital that this rebellion continues to grow so that it attains a degree of power sufficient to dispose of the current corrupt political sysem in its entirity.

Siteserv and supporting journalists

It’s always interesting to note the language used by establishment journalists when reporting on the questionable activities of those they tend to support.

Here’s some quotes from an article on the Siteserv controversy by John Downing in this morning’s Irish Independent (my emphasis).

Both Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin believe that Messrs Kenny and Noonan can be made to look bad as they pick over the details of a reported loss to the taxpayer of €105m.

Opposition party leaders Micheál Martin and Gerry Adams moved with alacrity on Tuesday to capitalise on work done by Kildare North Independent TD Catherine Murphy.

Yesterday was day two of their onslaught. And Martin and Adams pushed for an independent inquiry into the sale by IBRC of the Siteserv company to businessman Denis O’Brien’s Millington for €45m.

Brian Hayes and the big gombeen lie

In 2006 the then Justice Minister Michael McDowell branded Fine Gael TD Richard Bruton the Dr. Goebbels of propaganda.

Shortly afterwards he unreservedly apologised and shook the hand of Bruton on the floor of the Dail. McDowell said his remarks were over-the-top, unacceptable and intemperate.

It’s unlilkely we’ll witness a similar response from Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes to his latest anti Sinn Fein rant in the Irish Independent.

Hitler, Goebbels, cult, murder machine, big lie are words and names littered all over Mr. Hayes’ article.

It’s grotesquely hilarious to witness the likes of Hayes accuse Sinn Fein of Nazi like propaganda strategies while employing those very same strategies himself.

There are two reasons why we won’t be seeing an apology from Mr. Hayes for his intemperate and unacceptable language.

Firstly, Michael McDowell and Richard Bruton are members of the ruling elite of this country, they’re insiders. Members of this elite do not refer to each other as Nazi’s. It’s unacceptable and intemperate behaviour. McDowell realised this and apologised.

Secondly, Sinn Fein are not only outsiders but are rapidly building a power base that threatens to bring down the exclusive insider’s club that’s directly responsible for leading the country over the cliff of misery and poverty.

Operating within his comfortable bubble of delusion Mr. Hayes seems to be completely unaware that ordinary citizens have woken up to the big gombeen lie that he and his fellow politicians have been peddling for decades.

Irish citizens are no longer prepared to put up with the corrupt political regime that has betrayed their interests for so long.

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Brian Hayes

Kelly’s bluff and bluster will not save his ‘legacy’ or his government

Do you want to see a government minister in panic? Do you want to watch as a government minister sees his beloved ‘legacy’ slip away right before his eyes?

Have a look here as Environment Minister Alan Kelly attempts to threaten Irish citizens with bluster and hot air if they refuse to pay their water bills.

Then, a few days later the same minister announces the latest extension of the deadline for people to sign up to Irish Water. Is that the 5th or 6th deadline?

Kelly’s panic is a direct result of the massive turnout at last week’s protetst. The Minister and his government are beginning to see the abyss that’s opening up beneath their feet. They’re beginning to realise that the rebellion against their arrogance and shady dealings is stronger than ever, that a significant percentage of the people have lost their fear of repressive government/politics.

And make no mistake, there will be major consequences, not just for Alan Kelly, not just for this government but for the whole rotten political regime that has betrayed democracy and the Irish people, when Irish Water is finally consigned to history.

That’s why the political system is becoming ever more undemocratic, ever more repressive in its response to the challenge from ordinary citizens.

Enda Kenny was right when he said it wasn’t about water. It’s about his job, it’s about his government but most of all, it’s about finally removing the corrupt political cancer that has infected Irish democracy for decades.

Kenny talks the gombeen talk

Here’s one of the comments made by our great leader Enda Kenny in response to John Perry’s latest gombeen escapade.

I myself have been very careful over the years to demonstrate that a public job is a public job but personal appointments are personal appointments and I can’t make final decisions in that regard.

This statement makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Kenny may as well have said:

I myself have been very careful over years to demonstrate that the moon is not made of cheese but there are those who do believe that the moon is made of Irish cheddar and I can’t make final decisions in that regard.

Roll on the election.

Junior Minister Dara Murphy: Not just politically stupid

In a previous article I described Junior Minister Dara Murphy’s decision to engage in political prostitution as stupid because it will obviously do a great deal more damage to his election prospects than any benefit.

But after doing some research on the man I find that he really is stupid, it’s not just political stupidity.

Here’s a video of the gombeen being justifiably torn to shreds by Vincent Browne.

He made the fatal mistake of sneeringly asking Browne whether he knew the difference between GNP and GDP.

Keep in mind that this idiot is the Minister for European Affairs and Data Protection at the Department of Taoiseach and Foreign Affairs and Trade.

He’s the man who negotiates Ireland’s business interests with our European partners, no wonder we’re broke.

Also note how he slyly tries to get off the (Vincent Browne) hook by dragging another panel member into the row.

Leo the liar

3 Nov 2013: (Leo Varadkar: Marian Finucane Show).

The property tax collected for 2013 went to central funds but the 2014 tax will go to local authorities to fund local roads, community centres, libraries, public parks and to a certain extent social housing.

5 February 2015: (RTE).

Irish Water received €439 from the Local Government Fund made up of motor tax and local property tax receipts for 2014.

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald is a political prostitute

When I read this article I genuinely thought it was a joke.

Junior minister Dara Murphy is charging supporters €85 to have breakfast with Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald to raise funds for his general election campaign.

I’m not going to mince my words here.

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald is a political prostitute. Junior Minister Dara Murphy is also a political prostitute. The man who organised the event, Fine Gael trustee Jerry Carey, is a political pimp.

The Minister’s office does not belong to her to abuse as she wishes, it belongs to the people of Ireland. The power and prestige of her ministerial position was not bestowed upon her so that she could abuse that power by engaging in sleazy election campaigns.

Her actions are disgusting and immoral particularly in light of what has happened to the people of Ireland since 2008.

I spoke about this yesterday on 96 FM where the presenter described my comments as ‘strong language.

He’s right, it is strong language but it’s well past time that Irish citizens spoke out against this abuse of democracy; it’s well past time we called a spade a spade.

Some might say I’m too harsh in my comments. Here’s why I’m angry.

Hundreds of thousands forced to leave their country because of political corruption.

Hundreds of thousands out of work because of political corruption.

Over a hundred thousand struggling in desperation to pay their mortgages because of political corruption.

Over a hundred thousand children living in poverty because of political corruption.

The suicide of thousands of citizens as a result of the stress caused by political corruption.

Millions who have lost hope in their own and in their children’s future because of political corruption.

Not only is this political prostitution disgusting, it’s also extremely stupid.

The number of people attending this scam will be tiny; they will almost certainly be people who are conservative and loyal members of the establishment. The scam will raise a couple of thousand and perhaps the promise of a few votes.

Meanwhile, judging from the reaction on the radio, thousands of Cork voters will rightly reject those who stupidly and arrogantly persist in abusing democracy.

Minister Murphy has warned (threatened?) that if Fine Gael is not leading the next government the economy will be severely damaged.

I have some news for this political prostitute and his fellow Fine Gael cronies.

Fine Gael will not be part of the next government; the party will be lucky if it still exists after the next election.

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The political prostitutes and their pimp

Fine Gael Cllr. Kate O'Connell: Just another gombeen politician

Fine Gael Councillor Kate O’Connell is either a complete moron with very little intelligence or she thinks that the people of Ireland are complete morons with very little intelligence.

I strongly suspect it’s the former.

Defending her party’s complete failure to reform the (corrupt) political system (RTE) she said:

Fine Gael promised a democratic revolution but I imagine when they got elected…in the dying days of the Greens and Fianna Fail government…they literally inherited an unholy mess.

They went in, I believe, with the best of intentions to reform the system. But when they went into Government Buildings the place was falling down around them.

So this gombeen is asking us to believe that when the current government came to power they were completely unaware of the major catastrophe that had just been visited upon the Irish people.

She’s asking us to believe that Fine Gael and Labour had no idea that major political reform was urgently required to bring even a tiny semblance of democracy to our country.

O’Connell is a young politician who, we are constantly told, will usher in a new form of honest and open politics to serve the people of Ireland.

Sadly, like all her colleagues, she’s nothing more than a pathetic clone of the traitors who destroyed our country.

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Cllr. O’Connell