The usual bullshit from the HSE

There was an item on Morning Ireland discussing the serious neglect of children because of a lack of resources.

During the discussion Catherine Chent, a solicitor specializing in children’s rights told us that the HSE buys in an incredible amount of private services, sometimes at twice the cost as that paid in England.

I wonder who benefits from this strategy.

As usual, there was no representative from the HSE but this out of control organization did deign to provide a ‘statement’ (Number three) on the matter.

The HSE is developing a changed strategy over the next three years with high level goals.

I can just imagine the scene in the relevant office when the RTE request for a spokesperson arrived.

John, I think it’s your turn to talk bullshit to the nation.

It is not George, I was on last week and anyway, I’m checking out holiday destinations on the internet.

Ok, look, why don’t we just issue a statement.

Great idea, but which one?

Well, number two, five and seven have all being used recently. Let’s see, what about number three?

Yeah, whatever.

I was thinking of Bermuda this year George, what do you think?

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  1. Anthony, you are too hard on them.New Zealand would be the a good place for them,where the former Min.for Iotragenics [Mary what her name?] would go whenever trouble was abrewing.

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