Breaking: The truth behind Melania Trump’s plagiarism



By Anthony Sheridan


There can be only two reasons for the plagiarising of Michelle Obama’s speech by Melania Trump.


The person who wrote it is so stupid he (all the suspects are male) didn’t have the intelligence to realise it would be instantly found out given the widespread availability of modern technology in the hands of political heads and snoopy/cynical journalists.

Didn’t have the intelligence to make the simple but critical changes necessary to make it different enough. Only the most clueless students lack such crucial savvy.

Didn’t have the intelligence to write his own completely original speech given that such speeches are simplicity itself for even the most mundane writer. They consist of nothing more than platitudes and clichés with a generous sprinkling of nationalist/party fervour topped off with a personal quote/opinion from the speaker – job done.


He’s a Democrat mole.

So….well done man.

Sean Fleming’s PAC: A game of make-believe cowboys



By Anthony Sheridan

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is, and has always been, a powerless talking shop, this is no accident. Those who wield the real power in our country would never allow any entity, political or regulatory, to put their interests at risk.

From time to time, however, some members of PAC get a bit uppity, start to stray beyond the limits of the strict rules under which they are forced to operate.

Fianna Fail TD John McGuinness, Sinn Fein TD Mary Lou McDonald and Independent TD Shane Ross are recent examples of this dangerous tendency to actually make the corrupt accountable.

But those who wield real power in our country can rest easy again under the ‘leadership’ of the new chairman of PAC, Fianna Fail TD, Sean Fleming.

Fleming is obediently conforming to strict new rules designed to put his committee firmly back in its box.

Satire is sometimes the only way of responding to such shameful acquiescence.

Here’s my take:

Sean Fleming TD is the new sheriff in town and he’s a mean dude who means business. Sean the Sheriff is the new chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) so watch out all you corrupt bankers, property developers, crooked police officers and misspending civil servants, Sean the Sherriff is a comin ta get ya.

As a member of Fianna Fail, the most notorious criminal gang in the Wild West of Irish politics, Sean will have the lowdown on any critter that tries to put one over on the good folks of his town.

Yessiree, Sean the Sheriff ain’t gonna take any prisoners when it comes to dealing with nasty varmints who try to infect his town with corruption, fraud and gombeenism.

In this report Sean the Sheriff is described as:

An experienced, cautious and eagle-eyed (sheriff) politician.

Will he have any problems speaking up, he was asked.

I guarantee that won’t be a problem. There will be no punches pulled at all.

And to make the point Sean the Sheriff pulled out his massive six-gun and pointed it in a threatening but most impressive manner.

But wait, that’s not a six-gun, it’s…it’s…a water pistol.

Yes, I know, said Sean the Sheriff, despondently. I don’t really have any (fire) power at all; it’s just a game of  make-believe cowboys.

But what about the previous sheriff, John McGuiness? Didn’t he have a cap gun, which, while totally ineffective, did make a bang?

Yes, but he banged (his mouth off) too much which annoyed some very important people so they’ve taken it away and replaced it with this totally silent water pistol.

But surely they should be giving PAC more powers, not less, to fight the ruthlessly corrupt who are armed with such lethal weapons as corrupt politicians, bent lawyers and crooked accountants?

Sean the Sheriff could only reply, as instructed, with this incredibly stupid statement.

Use the powers you have to the best ability without having to use the powers you don’t have.

And so, as Sean the sheriff reloads his water pistol, the townspeople continue to cower in fear of the corrupt, still waiting for a sheriff with a real gun to ride into town and chase out the baddies.

It could be a long wait.

Coy  to:

All PAC members

John McGuinness

Shane Ross


Young Irish citizens: Time for revolution


By Anthony Sheridan


Lorraine Courtney is not happy about how the State treats young people.

We are owed a place in society, a voice in politics and the media; jobs created for us; houses built for us and wages that we can live on.

Young people are not apathetic, but we are disaffected. Everyone I talk to has a thousand opinions on the political and economic situation. That’s not apathy. But changing things at a top level seems so unrealistic that we go back to the ground, and it’s impossible to try to change things from there.

So, she lists her entitlements and then states that, really, there’s not much we (young people) can do about the situation.

It’s impossible to try to change things.

Here’s a mad idea.

Do what students/young people have been doing for decades in practically every other Western country when they come up against rotten/corrupt administrations.

Get off your butt. Demand that student unions give up engaging in polite protests against fee hikes and unites to form a radical movement to lead the youth (or even the nation) in a campaign against political corruption.

Come out from your colleges and your parent’s comfortable homes and join the water protesters (made up mostly of children, middle aged and elderly citizens) who have already set the revolution ball rolling.

Then, and only then, will the young and every other citizen get real democracy, accountability and a decent society.

Copy to:

Lorraine Courtney

Breaking: Sinn Fein responsible for melting Ice Caps

Global Warming.
Global Warming.

By Anthony Sheridan

Denis O’Brien ‘journalists’ just can’t help themselves when it comes to attacking Sinn Fein.

Paul Williams starts out in this article with a reasonable line on how Angelia Kerins may have been unfairly treated by the Public Accounts Committee.

But as always with most Irish ‘Independent’ journalists his real target is Sinn Fein.

PAC member Mary Lou McDonald, who, like her leader Gerry Adams, sneers on the fence claiming corruption and cover-ups at every turn while ignoring the vast amount of corruption and cover-ups (including murder, child abuse and racketeering) in the republican family.

No, really, this is an extract from the same article allegedly in support of Angelia Kerins, a matter that has nothing whatsoever to do with Sinn Fein.

And just last week Williams wrote about the connection between Sinn Fein and the melting of the Polar Ice Caps.

Ah no, only joking on that one but give him time, give him time.

Copy to:

Paul Williams

Cameron’s legacy: Irish Times gets it wrong





By Anthony Sheridan


His legacy will be defined and blighted by how he left office. Above all he will be blamed for Brexit.

The above is how an Irish Times editorial described the resignation of David Cameron.

Let’s try to figure out how the Brexit referendum ‘blighted’ Cameron’s legacy.

He decided to ask the people of the UK if they wanted to remain or leave the European Union. Now, admittedly, he did so under pressure from UKIP but that’s realpolitik for you. From what I observed Cameron conducted the campaign in a statesmanlike and honest fashion. Within hours of losing he delivered an impressive speech announcing his resignation – how does this blight his legacy?

Compare this to Irish politicians when they lose referendums. The democratic will of the people is ignored, the result is not accepted, and there are no resignations. The people are patronisingly told that they must have misunderstood the issue and are forced to vote again. Democracy is, in effect, suspended until the government gets its way.

Now lets compare this ludicrous assessment of Cameron’s legacy with how the legacy of the criminal politician Charles Haughey was assessed by former editor of the Irish Times, Geraldine Kennedy, in 2006.

Keep in mind that Haughey was a national traitor responsible for infecting the body politic with the disease of corruption. He plundered the state’s resources for decades and lived on bribes from rich businessmen who were richly rewarded by the criminal at the expense of Irish citizens. He was a ruthless bully and serial perjurer; he was a man who betrayed his wife and family for decades by openly whoring with every slut that came within range of his sleazy presence.

This was Kennedy’s assessment:

On this day, however, it is worth acknowledging that Charles Haughey was the most charismatic figure in Irish politics in living memory. Though small in stature, he had a great presence. He was an astute parliamentarian. He possessed his own particular sense of nationhood. And for good or ill, Mr. Haughey’s character, ambitions, beliefs and flaws are an integral part of the development of this modern State.

Irish Water/RTE and numbers



By Anthony Sheridan

This from Sinn Fein MEP Lynn Boylan on how much Irish Water has paid RTE in advertising costs.

Today I received confirmation through a Freedom of Information request to Irish Water how much the utility has spent on advertisement costs with the national broadcaster, RTÉ.

The figures released to me showed that the net cost of advertisement with RTE excluding VAT was €717,286 from the period of 2013-2015.

I wonder is there any correlation between this massive number and the tiny numbers of water protesters regularly reported by RTE News – just asking.

Sean Fleming TD: A jellyfish in charge of PAC

Sean Fleming TD: A jellyfish in charge of PAC




By Anthony Sheridan

The mainstream/establishment media commonly refer to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) as a watchdog relentlessly working on behalf of the public to bring wrongdoers to account.

The brutal truth is that the PAC is a fake (See here for the truth of fake Irish regulatory authorities). It has no effective powers to actually bring anybody to account, it is nothing more than a waffling chamber where over-paid politicians listen endlessly to the echo of their own worthless gibberish.

And this is no accident; the PAC, in common with all so-called Irish regulatory authorities, is specifically designed to give an impression of accountability.  With no real accountability the corrupt have a clear road to continue with their activities without hindrance. We see the proof of this every day throughout the media.

In recent times however some members of the PAC such as its previous chairman Fianna Fail TD John McGuinness and Sinn Fein TD Mary Lou McDonald committed the cardinal sin of Irish politics – they began to take their role as public representatives seriously, they actually began to ask real questions, make real demands for accountability.

This would not do, some very powerful people were very upset at this development, their interests were being put at risk by this outbreak of democratic accountability.

And so, as part of the negotiations to form the current government, the PAC was not only put back in its box, there was a heavy padlock fitted and the key thrown away.

And to make double sure that this so-called watchdog knows its place and does what it is told a new chairman, Fianna Fail TD Sean Fleming, was appointed.

Fleming has the backbone of a jellyfish as demonstrated by his response to the new restrictions imposed on the committee he is, allegedly, in charge of.

So the power has now been taken… they don’t want them (committees) operating independently of the commission with free reign.

And his personal view on the stripping away of any vestige of power his committee might have wielded?

Use the powers you have to the best ability without having to use the powers you don’t have.

More on this later…

Copy to:

All PAC members

Is this why the charity sector is not regulated?


By Anthony Sheridan

The Irish charity sector has a massive turnover of over 8 billion annually with over 3 billion of that coming directly from the pockets of taxpayers and yet, the sector is completely unregulated.

Why is this?

The most likely reason is that effective regulation would interfere with the interests of some very powerful people.

For decades, government after government, was asked to bring in legislation to establish an effective charity regulator, they never did.

Why is this?

The most likely reason is that effective regulation would interfere with the interests of some very powerful people.

Then, years later and after some particularly nasty scandals, the government was forced to draft legislation and establish a charity regulator but decided not to enact the legislation or allow the regulator to begin operations. This decision was made on the grounds that it was too expensive to spend five or six million a year to regulate an industry with a turnover of over 8 billion.

Why is this?

The most likely reason is that effective regulation would interfere with the interests of some very powerful people.

Then, after even more nasty scandals, the government was forced to allow the Charity Regulator to begin operation but only with very restricted funding and without the power to actually investigate any alleged wrongdoing.

Why is this?

The most likely reason is that effective regulation would interfere with the interests of some very powerful people.

Now we have the latest scandal involving the charity Console. Here’s what’s (not) happening.

The Charity Regulator has no power to act.

The Public Accounts Committee is going to discuss the matter but, like the Regulator, has no power to act.

The HSE has been aware for the last ten years that something was wrong but took no effective action.

The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement, apart from having a ridiculously pompous title, is a toothless tiger.

Why is this?

The most likely reason is that effective regulation would interfere with the interests of some very powerful people.

Meanwhile, countless thousands of very vulnerable people are suffering untold agonies because the state and its agencies don’t care enough to look after their needs.

Why is this?

The most likely reason is that effective regulation would interfere with the interests of some very powerful people.

Copy to:

All agencies mentioned

Console: Just the latest in long line of charity scandals


By Anthony Sheridan

Letter in today’s Irish Times. The first paragraph of the letter was edited out; I include it here in brackets.

(The scandal exposed by RTEs Primetime involving the charity Console is just the latest in a long line of scandals surrounding the charity industry.)


Following a spate of scandals in 2014, the then government established the Charities Regulatory Authority. The effectiveness of this new organisation can be summed up in just one sentence taken from its website:

“We are not currently empowered or resourced to conduct statutory investigations of charities.”

Yours, etc,

Anthony Sheridan


Co Cork.